Un Contraste // A Contrast


Il y avait le silence complet, lundi soir la semaine dernière en prenant l’autobus 24, et tout le monde a été vêtu en couleurs sourdes. Cette jeune femme, vêtue en couleurs vives, est entrée dans l’autobus silencieux et a commencé de parler à ton cellulaire en allemand (une langue pas entendue habituellement dans ce quartier). Un contraste non seulement visuel, mais en même temps auditif et linguistique aussi!


There was complete silence on the 24 bus last Monday night, and everyone was wearing muted tones. This young woman, dressed in vibrant colours, got on the bus and started speaking on her cellphone in German (a language not heard too frequently in this neighbourhood). A contrast not only visual, but aural and linguistic as well!

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  1. Uma: I liked this entry for many reasons – 1. the contrast with the muted black and white clothing on the other passengers 2. the way passengers sit in a bus, upper arms pressed close to the torso and shoulders slightly raised to make room for others, I liked that detail!

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