Mes deux zines pour Expozine // My two zines for Expozine

Voici un aperçu de mes deux zines qui seront à ma table cette fin de la semaine à Expozine 2014 : Carnet de Voyage, et L’été a Montréal. Chacun inclut des exemples de mes dessins.


Here is a look at my two zines that will be at my table this weekend at Expozine 2014: Travel Sketchbook and Summer in Montréal. Each one contains examples of my drawings.

2 Zines


2 Replies to “Mes deux zines pour Expozine // My two zines for Expozine”

  1. Hello
    I bought some cards from you at Exposine last week (Nov 2014). I have since looked at your web site and really like the Blue Mountains outside Sydney…I was wondering where else you will be exposing drawings that I may come and see.
    Also, are they all card size or do you have some larger ones like the Blue Mountains one for example… Thanks

    1. Hello Suzanne, Thank you for coming by this past weekend and for checking out my work online. I do not have any shows planned for the moment, but if you send me an email at I will be sure to include you on my mailing list so you’ll be notified of the next event. I do not have a larger format of my works available at the moment, but if you tell me what size you would be looking for and what quantity, I could look into it and let you know. Regards, Uma

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