Lookdown Fish // Selene vomer

Enfin, j’ai terminé une peinture d’un poisson incroyable que j’ai observé en voyageant en Europe, il y a 2 ans. Je suis allée à l’inoubliable Musée océanographique de Monaco en 2012 ou j’ai été fascinée par le poisson Lookdown (Selene vomer). Situé sur une falaise, le musée soi-même est un chef d’œuvre. J’espère que j’aurai l’occasion d’observer ces créatures en liberté un jour.


I have finally completed a painting of an incredible fish I observed while traveling in Europe, 2 years ago. I visited the unforgettable Oceanographic Museum of Monaco in 2012 where I was mesmerized by the Lookdown fish (Selene vomer). Situated on a cliff face, the museum itself is a work of art. I hope I’ll have the chance to observe these creatures swimming freely in their natural environment someday.


Parc national du Mont-Orford

Lentement, je découvris les régions naturelles de Québec, un parc à la fois! Il y a deux semaines, nous sommes allés au Parc national du Mont-Orford, où j’ai nagé autour cette île. Un jour parfait!


I am slowly discovering the natural regions of Québec, one park at a time! Two weeks ago we went to Parc national du Mont-Orford, where I swam around this island. A perfect day!


Alberta, partie 3 //Alberta, part 3

Voici deux derniers dessins de mon voyage en Alberta en mai. En faisant la promenade Tunnel Mountain, j’étais étonnée, comme toujours, par les sommets enneigés et majestueux des montagnes environnantes.


Here are two last drawings from my trip to Alberta in May.  While climbing the Tunnel Mountain trail, I was astonished, as always, by the snowy, majestic peaks of the surrounding mountains.

tunnel_mountainPlus tard pendant le voyage, un détail sur le chemin Johnstone Canyon Trail.


Later in the trip, a detail from the Johnstone Canyon Trail.



La semaine dernière en Alberta (Partie 1) // Last week in Alberta (Part 1)

Je suis allée en Alberta (d’où j’ai déménagé il y a 5 ans) la semaine dernière pour voir la famille et les montagnes Rocheuses! Voici quelques dessins de mon voyage…


I went to Alberta last week (from where I moved, 5 years ago) to visit family and the Rocky Mountains! Here are a few drawings from my trip…

Sur la terrasse // On the deck


Dans le jardin // In the garden


Nature morte avec les plumes de paon // Still life with peacock feathers


Mon magasin d’art préféré a eu sa grande vente annuelle pendant que j’étais à Edmonton! J’ai acheté une boite de Derwent Inktense Crayons à encre soluble dans l’eau, et une boite de Faber-Castell Crayons de couleur aquarellables. Ma première expérience avec mes outils nouveaux, en dessous..


My favourite art store had its big annual sale while I was in Edmonton! I bought a box of Derwent Inktense Crayons (water-soluble Ink pencils) as well as a box of Faber-Castell watercolour pencils. My first experiment with my new tools, below…

peacock_feathers005À suivre… // To be continued..




Australian Sketch Exchange – Part Two!

I am excited to report that I have now received my sketch  (two sketches in fact!) from the Australian Sketch Exchange! I was traveling in Alberta all of last week, so I don’t know exactly when these beauties landed in my mailbox in Montréal. But what a nice surprise to come home to! Two wonderful drawings of Shelly Beach by Chantal, one of the participants in the Expressive Urban Sketching workshop. Chantal knew that I had spent an afternoon swimming and snorkeling at Shelly Beach and thoughtfully chose this location as her sketch subject. I didn’t try the Ocean Bath this time (I was anxious to go see the fish!) but I will next time I’m there. Thanks for the beautiful artwork and the nice memories Chantal!

Australian Sketch Exchange 2



Australian Sketch Exchange

I have recently taken part in an anonymous Sketch Exchange with the other participants from the Expressive Urban Sketching workshop that I took in Sydney, Australia back in March. What is an anonymous Sketch Exchange, you ask? Each participant receives only the address of someone else in the group (selected at random by the organizer), but NOT that person’s name , creates a sketch for that person, then sends the original work to that person. In this case, the subject matter must be something that is found within 15 minutes of the artist’s home. Everyone ends up with a unique treasure – an original work – from another Urban Sketcher that depicts their surroundings.

For my image, I chose an area on the road that runs over the iconic Mount Royal in the middle of Montréal. If I’m running, I take the trails on the mountain itself that go to its summit, but on days when I feel like wandering, the bus that travels over the mountain runs between two beautiful rock faces on its way up. It’s great to see this natural beauty only a few minutes away from my home.

I can’t wait to see who will get my sketch and whose I will receive! Many thanks to Angela from the workshop for organizing the exchange. I hope that there will be others!

sketch exchange

Joyeuses Pâques! // Happy Easter!

Ce Vendredi saint et samedi, nous sommes allés à Ottawa pour voir la famille et pour nous détendre. À la gauche, un kiosque vendant des colliers et des accessoires de feutre dans un marché pendant un rare moment tranquille. Et à la droite, des tulipes dans le salon de nos hôtes gracieux.


This Good Friday and Saturday, we went to Ottawa to see some family and to relax. On the left, a market stall selling necklaces and felt accessories during a rare quiet moment. On the right, some tulips in the livingroom of our gracious hosts.