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Costa Rica’s Creatures (2022)

Some noteworthy facts about the wildlife of Costa Rica, based on my trip to the country in 2018.

Watch Costa Rica’s creatures on Vimeo:

Original English language version, no subtitles:

English with French subtitles:

English with Spanish subtitles:

Hand drawn image of kinkajou in a tree

30 Days in Venice (30 things learned) (2018)

A short animation recounting some of what I learned during my 30-day artist residency in Venice, in April 2017.

Watch 30 Days in Venice (30 things learned) on Vimeo.

Saison à Saison (2019)

My entry for Kino Montréal‘s  “Monthly Challenge” in October 2019: Each participant had to create a 2-minute film on a given theme, and complete it within a month. The theme for this challenge was “Nightmare before Christmas: Films about Halloween and films about Christmas”.

Watch Saison à Saison on Vimeo.

Alien Tree Thinkers (1994)

An assortment of overheard conversations, utterances during sleep, and possibly misunderstood ramblings. Never ignore a talking fish.

Watch Alien Tree Thinkers on Vimeo.

Superfug (1997)

An abstract exploration of an urban neighbourhood and its inhabitants.

Watch Superfug on Vimeo.

Shadow Beat Trip (1991)

My first animated work: Shot on 16mm film, this was my final student project for my animation class at Concordia University.

Watch Shadow Beat Trip on Vimeo.

 Untitled (1994)

An abstract exploration of animals in nature and the risks that they and their habitats face.

Watch Untitled on Vimeo.

Rule of F.E.M.M.E. (2000)

A glimpse into the lives of students at a junior high (secondary) school. Stop-motion animation starring a cast of secondhand dolls.

Watch Rule of F.E.M.M.E. on Vimeo